41 Caterpillar Hill Road
Sargentville, ME 04673

TEL 207.359.2486

Open Wed-Sun 11am-8pm

Sargentville's best choice* for delicious Mexican food
*only choice, actually . . .

El El Frijoles: Mexican Food in Downeast Maine

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Yankee Magazine Best of 2012Awarded "Best Mexi-Cali-Maine restaurant" by Yankee Magazine! We are awfully proud, and mighty thankful to the good folks over at Yankee Magazine for "getting" our food.

"Honest food, expertly prepared in all instances, in an atmosphere that verges on joyful—this is El El Frijoles. Add to that a commitment to wholesome fare made with the very best ingredients sourced with an eye to ecology and community."
Nancy Heiser, Portland Press Herald

Opening Day!

  • 2014 SEASON: On Wednesday May the 21st we will open the Taqueria for our 8th season! Hard to believe, but it really has been 8 years since our crazy idea to bring this cuisine to Downeast Maine was realized. It was a little rocky at first, to be honest, but we have a slightly better grasp now of what is required to keep y’all fed properly, and even if we do occasionally run out of carnitas or suffer a bendy straw shortage, rest assured you should have access to high-quality, delicious, innovative Mexican-inspired cuisine all summer long. We can’t wait to see you here!

El El Frijoles, The Movie!

The absolute best part about what we do is that we get to meet the most amazing, incredible, talented people who come to Sargentville to check us out and eat our food.

One of our favorite folks is Princeton, NJ, filmmaker and photographer Jon Roemer. An amazingly talented guy, he knows his way around an image and he really has that uncanny ability to tell stories with pictures. He’s got that “gift of the Narrative” we are always talkin’ about around here . . . in spades.

In any case, last summer Jon asked us if we’d mind (?!?!?) if he spent some time with us here at the Taqueria. He was interested in working the bugs out of some new equipment, had a few vacation days and was thinking about maybe making a little film about EL EL FRIJOLES. We were thrilled to have him here (and for those of you in need of a good photo/videographer, he worked as hard as any of the folks I worked with in my 20+ years as a photo assistant, but on his vacation!). We offered him access to anything he wanted, which included some painful interview sessions with Michele and I, and he took a lot of pictures of our food. The result is this amazing look at what we do here at EL EL FRIJOLES, in a barn, in the woods in Maine.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we do. He really captured the spirit and feeling of this place, and does he ever make our food look good!

If you like what he’s put together here, feel free to share this with anyone you think might like to see it. And by all means, visit his website, look at his films on Vimeo and YouTube, and give him a shout out when you see him.

  • Line out the door at El El Frijoles
  • Eating in the screen house at El El Frijoles
  • Outside at night at El El Frijoles
  • Famous lobster tacos at El El Frijoles
  • Eating outside at El El Frijoles
  • Screened-in dining at El El Frijoles
  • El El Frijoles sign on Route 15 in Sargentville
  • Michele Levesque and Michael Rossney from El El Frijoles
  • Tacos with a side of beans and rice at El El Frijoles
  • Sunflower on the counter at El El Frijoles
  • Beans served at El El Frijoles are organic and come from Horsepower Farm in Blue Hill Maine
  • Michael and Michele in the kitchen at El El Frijoles
  • Outside at El El Frijoles
  • Outside at El El Frijoles
  • Inside seating at El El Frijoles
  • Lobster Tacos at El El Frijoles
  • Salsa selection changes daily at El El Frijoles
  • Agua Fresca at El El Frijoles